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At Multicultural Bookstore, we pride ourselves on firmly embracing diversity, fostering community-driven spirits, and instilling the culture of reading.

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We provide a diverse repertoire of multicultural books of all genres. Besides, we devote ourselves to providing educational and community programs for youngsters, and a plethora of exciting events and activities

By fulfilling the needs of our readers, we become the go-to location for local and global book lovers to experiment in fantastic worlds, empathize with their favorite characters, and connect with their best-loved stories.

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Meet Our Founders

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Tamara Shiloh

Tamara Shiloh is a renowned Children’s Book Author and successful Business Owner. She champions diversity through a Multicultural Bookstore Model and empowers teachers with Black History Professional Development (PD) sessions.

With multiple Awards awarded to her company or her team members, she is also a driving force behind Black History Literacy efforts. Likewise, she commits herself into creating engaging Student Podcasts and is actively involved in Community Outreach and Parental Involvement programs.

Tamara’s impact in the media sphere is profound. She authors a weekly Black History column, and collaborates with non-profit organizations for Black History programs. Besides, she hosts her podcast, “Once Upon a Time in Black History”.

Carol Santiago

Carol Santiago, an experienced educator, holds an M.Ed. degree in “The Art of Teaching” and boasts 32 years of classroom experience in ES/MS for the Santa Monica-Malibu USD. She was honored as the “Teacher of the Year” at John Adams MS and served as the Director/Manager of the Afterschool 21st CCLC Achievers Program for 14 years.

Carol’s dedication extends beyond the classroom. She excels in Curriculum Development, Community Outreach, and Parental Engagement for the Las Vegas Urban League, CAA. Additionally, she holds a Lifetime K – 9 Teaching Credential, showcasing her expertise.

Currently, Carol Santiago serves as a subcontractor for the Equal Opportunity Board (EOB) of Clark. Her focus lies in delivering Reading Literacy Solutions programs for students living in the Las Vegas Historic Westside, further enriching her community impact.

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Why choose us?

Not only are we the first multicultural bookstore in Las Vegas, but we are also a safe and inclusive space that embraces diversity and the love for the book world. 

Besides, we commit to being a place that encourages a culture of reading and to being the stepping stone for bookworms to connect with the books they love. Our job is to introduce you to this fantastic world and let you learn why books are the windows to the world.

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We are here to help you find and connect with your favorite stories. Contact us today and work with us to get the book you want. We will check our repertoire of available books or get to business and order it in case it is unavailable so that you can enjoy it as soon as possible. Don’t wait any longer, let us help you!
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