Multicultural Bookstore’s Featured Books

As the sole diverse and culture-inclusive bookstore in Las Vegas, at Multicultural Store, we pride ourselves on having a great selection of multicultural books of all genres.
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Experience our Selection of Thrilling and Moving Stories

We are true to our name, so we ensure that our book lovers get the book they crave. From moving and inspiring true stories, to books filled with fantastic and fictional narratives, we have a pick for every adult and child looking to enter the book world.

It’s worth noting that not every book may be available at our virtual storefront. Can’t you find the book that you love? Don’t worry, since we highly encourage the culture of reading, we can order any unavailable book so that you have access to your favorite stories. 

Best Sellers

Our team at Multicultural Bookstore presents some best-selling books for our community of book lovers to enjoy.

Graphic Novels

Embark on visual adventures, where creativity knows no bounds. Our team picked the following captivating stories that unfold through artistry and words, and offer an immersive reading experience.

Children's Picture Books

With the following picks from Multicultural Bookstore, journey into enchanting worlds through vivid illustrations and heartwarming tales. These picture books foster imagination and a love for stories that last a lifetime.

Asian & Asian American Stories

Explore diverse cultures and identities, from classics to contemporary gems. These stories picked by the Multicultural Bookstore team celebrate heritage and offer profound insights, creating a connection through literature.

African American Kids

Inspiring tales empower young minds, celebrating diversity and resilience. These books instill a love for reading and impart valuable life lessons with joy.

Baby’s First Books

Nurture early literacy with enchanting board books. Vibrant illustrations and simple texts captivate little readers, fostering learning and bonding through interactive moments.

Black History/American History

Uncover pivotal moments and remarkable individuals in history. The following picks deepen understanding of diverse heritage, shaping insights into the African American experience and the nation’s past.

Chapter Books

Transition young readers into thrilling adventures and diverse genres. These chapter books picked by our team nurture independent reading, sparking imaginations and creating endless worlds in every chapter.

Looking for another book?

You don’t see the book you’re looking for? Remember, we can order any unavailable book so that you don’t miss reading your favorite story. Contact us or fill our contact form and we will help you!


Due to our multicultural community spirit and our advocacy for diversity and inclusion, we carefully select our books based on three key criteria: diversity, that the books represent a wide array of perspectives; inclusion, that our books promote a sense of belonging and understanding among readers; and social consciousness, that our books tackle relevant and current social issues.

At Multicultural Bookstore, we pride ourselves on promoting the culture of reading. That’s why we can order any unavailable book you may need and have it in our store in a short period of time.

We accept most major credit cards, Apple Pay and most apps. Should you have doubts regarding a particular payment method, do not hesitate to contact us to make sure you can get your favorite books in our store.

Yes, we have a great selection of books of all cultures and of a wide range of genres. We have selections for babies to teens to adults including board, picture, and chapter books.