Welcome to Multicultural Bookstore Las Vegas

Driven by its community spirit and commitment to instilling the culture of reading, Multicultural Bookstore Las Vegas will become your go-to location for immersing in your favorite stories.

Immerse Yourself into the Book World

Multicultural Bookstore Las Vegas is a kind and inclusive rendezvous point for local and global book lovers and reading enthusiasts. With a deep-rooted passion for the book world and their advocacy for multiculturalism, Tamara and Carol, the founders, ensure every bookworm finds their safe place.

Whether it be a little corner for reading, an exciting event or community activity, or a networking meet-up with fellow readers, we welcome everybody with open arms and a warm setting fill with wonderful stories. Contact us today and let’s find your favorite book!

Enjoy our Selection of Featured Books

The Women Behind the Multicultural Bookstore

In the heart of our bookstore, you’ll find the essence of Tamara Shiloh and Carol Santiago—dedicated educators, community advocates, and wholehearted readers. With an extensive background in education and a shared commitment to diversity, they’ve meticulously created a haven for diverse voices

As black women, they understand and empathize with fellow readers surfing the uncertainties and intricacies of inequality. So, join them in celebrating the universal love for books and the profound impact it has on building harmonious and inclusive communities.

Bookstore in Las Vegas Carol and Tamara Nov 2023

Featured Books: Great Reads to Broaden your Mind

At Multicultural Bookstore Las Vegas, we pride ourselves on providing a great repertoire of multicultural books, which we carefully select based on the criteria that align with our mission and values.


We select books that represent a wide array of perspectives, cultures, identities, and experiences.


We select books that not only represent diverse voices but also promote a sense of belonging and understanding among readers.

Social Consciousness

We select books that tackle relevant social issues such as racism, poverty, gender inequality, environmental concerns, human rights, and more.

Bookstore in Las Vegas The Group Dec 17 2022

Events & Community Engagement

Not only has Multicultural Bookstore been created as a rendezvous point for book lovers to get and read their favorite story, but it can also serve as the perfect place to host distinct events and community engagement activities
We host a plethora of events and multicultural community activities for our book lovers and reading enthusiasts to engage in networking meet-ups and profit from learning opportunities to enhance their skills. Check out what else we have to offer!

FAQs to get to know us a bit more!

Yes, besides having our online website and virtual store in Multicultural Bookstore Las Vegas Bookshop, our new physical premises are located in 2027 Revere Street, Suite B2 --near the corner of Revere and Lake Mead--across from Nevada Partners in the Historic Westside of Las Vegas, 89106. We are just behind the WSO (Westside Oasis, formerly known as the Seven Seas). The store hours are Tuesday - Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Besides, parking is available in the lot and on the street, so come read with us!

Absolutely, our bookstore is designed with accessibility in mind to ensure that every book lover, regardless of their mobility needs, can fully enjoy the literary experience. Since your comfort and convenience are our top priorities, we've taken measures to create a welcoming environment for everyone.

At Multicultural Bookstore Las Vegas, we will carry out Story Time events on the 2nd Saturday every month, and Author Book signings. We will also celebrate grandparents and caregivers on the 3rd Sunday of the month along other community events. That’s not all, because we are also planning on carrying out Book Fairs and Pop-up events.